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Exciting New Partnership for MDUK

Exciting new partnership announcement for Monkey Drift UK

We are thrilled to announce we are now in partnership with Nankang Tyres UK and will be using there NS2R tyres for the remainder of the season. We have been very impressed with the NS2R tyres, they offer super grip dry or wet, also last a  long for a semi slick track tyre and all this at a great price.

Nankang Tyres UK offer a range of tyres that meet every need, from ultra high performance including road, race and track days, through commuting and shopping to commercial and off-roading in the toughest environments. These are tyres for every season or condition, that come in the most comprehensive size range and not only add to your driving pleasure but above all represent exceptional value for Money.

Formula G Round 2 Santa Pod

Great weekend at Round 2 of Fueltopia Formula G championship sponsored by Nankang tyres hosted at Santapod Raceway on the 19th March 2017.


It was a cold and windy day but the sun was out and it was a huge improvement to the following race event.


Practice was going well and the car was performing good. The track layout was a lot easier to manage this time with some longer straights that would benefit the higher horsepower cars but that wouldn’t stop the mighty mx5.




Qualifying went well with a best time of 38.316 which qualified me in 6th place.


The top 16 battles put me up against Ben Dryburgh a newcomer to the sport. I advanced to the top 8 battles with wins in both lanes


The top 8 battle put me up against friend Ryan Milton I knew this was going to be tuff.

Both cars mx5’s running similar power so it was down to drivers, I won my first battle in my preferred lane but lost in the second battle so it came down to time.


Ryan Milton 116                                                     75.022 Winner

Philip Staniford 183                                                 75.411 Loser


My day was over but a 5th place finish is nothing to grumble about.

Currently sitting in 5th place in the driver championship.


Thanks to sponsors EMP Performance and Opie Oils.

Celebrating my podium finishes

Added the final touches to the ww2 Lancaster bomber inspired design by adding some barrel stencils for Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and cone stencils for Fueltopia FormulaG.

I will add the results as the season progresses.

FormulaG – Round 1 – Santa Pod

It’s a wet, cold and windy start to the first round of the 2017 Fueltopia FormulaG championship.  The weather is changeable with intermittent showers but racing has continued without interruption.

The track layout for this round is a little more complicated than the last round of last year, even so once completed a few times it seems a little less daunting.


Practise has gone OK.  But I am having to take a little extra care as the welded diff is showing slight movement between axels.  Though a little noisy I intend to keep going until the end of the day or, the car gives up, whichever comes first.


My qualifying runs felt better than practise, though I still can’t push the car as hard as I normally would, the damp / wet track are helping to reduce the stress on the diff welds.

We each got a total of four qualifying runs, two in each lane.

With qualifying finished we awaited the results.  At this point I would just be pleased to have qualified.

Well I managed to qualify third, THIRD!  Considering when the diff started to let go after my first practise run I considered packing up and becoming a spectator for the day; I really can’t believe it!

Top 16 Battle

My battle for a place in the top 8 was against an RX8.  He started well and had a lead on me after the first couple of obstacles.  Keeping calm and focused I was able to get back ahead of him by the Nankang flags and 720.  This gave me a couple of seconds advantage going into the second half of the battle.

I pushed a little harder of the start line this time and managed to match him to the first barrel.  From here I kept extending my lead, again finishing with a few seconds to spare.  Onto the top 8 🙂

Top 8 Battle

My top 8 battle was against a Sprite.  He started strong but made a mistake or two in the first half which gave me the advantage in the second.

Excuse the cut start but my unfit cameraman didn’t make it back over to the left hand side of the track in time, need to get him trained!

The sprite was strong out of the gate, but a mistake at the first barrel gave me the lead, although he fought back strongly the added 2 second advantage from my first run meant I had it in the bag,

Top 4 Battle

Due to failing light we weren’t able to capture any more than the first run of my top 4 battle.

I was up against Ryan in his turbocharged MX5.  Recent rolling road runs have shown that both cars have almost the same power output.  He wasn’t nursing a sloppy diff and, as I was now realising, a failing gearbox.

I put up a good fight and finished my first run ahead of Ryan.  He pushed harder in the second run and finished ahead of me, the result coming down to times.  He beat me by less than a second.  Onto the final for Ryan and the 3rd / 4th place shootout for me, against Mike Newland.

3rd Place Shootout

All that was left for me now was to see if I could make it to the podium.  Amazing really when you consider how the day started.

Unfortunately for Mike, the wet conditions meant that his car could not put its power down.  This gave me the edge, and third place 🙂

What A Result

I’m really pleased with my results this weekend.  A great start to my 2017 season with a 3rd in both events.

The weather played a large part this weekend, especially today.  It didn’t level the playing field so much as completely flip it on it’s head.  In the rear wheel drive class, the top three positions were all occupied by MX5 drivers.  The first time since FormulaG has been running.  What made this extra special was the congratulations and support given by the competition, everyone was honestly happy to see 3 MX5’s on the podium.

The biggest thanks must be extended to the Fueltopia staff, some who had to stand in cold, torrential and windy conditions for most of the day.  Without you guys this just wouldn’t happen.