Monkey Drift UK Dyno Shoot Out 2019

Over the Easter Weekend, Saturday 20th April, we held our 2nd Monkey Drift UK Event and Dyno Day at Skuzzle Motorsport, in Winchester however this time co-hosted with the awesome people of Black Flag Labs.

The sun was out, weather was gorgeous and the Skuzzle Team and dyno were ready. All we needed was some cars!

The cars soon started to roll. We had a great mix of spectators and cars wanting to see what power their pride and joys were running so with that we got the day ‘rolling’.

Dyno Day

At our Event’s we always try and give back and treat everyone that comes along to our day. So with that in mind, we rallied together some awesome bits for everyone to take away.

As co-hosts of the day, Black Flag Labs created and printed custom stickers for everyone who attended, we had an Easter Egg for everyone, our signature and well received MDUK ‘Sid’ Airfresheners and a huge bag load of epic keyrings from our friends at Samco UK!

Dyno Results


The time seemed to absolutely fly, before we knew it, it was 4pm and everyone was slowly making their way home having fed back great things about their day.
We are truly greatful to all that attended given the number of other shows and family commitments going on the weekend!
We had an amazing range of cars and even nicer people.

We’re really looking forward to our next organised event hopefully at Nankang HQ for a warehouse tour along with some surprises along the way!

We will keep you posted on all future events via the website and our social media sights below!


Easter Dyno

We’re very excited to offer another Dyno Day at the awesome Skuzzle Motorsport on 20th April 2019 from 10am!

Prizes to be won & Easter Eggs for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Family friendly Event.

Dyno runs £40 plus a print out, custom @blackflaglabs sticker & Easter Egg 😍

We look forward to seeing you all!

Team Nankang MDUK Debut at Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Round 1

On the 21st April , Team Nankang MDUK drivers Kraigy and Philip took to the FBS track insight of grabbing some vital points for the championship.

The weather was strangely perfect at Santa Pod which made putting the new team gazebo up a lot easier.


Once we were all set up, music on cars prepped and ready and drivers keen to get on track, it was soon time for the Drivers Briefing.

With a new season comes new rules! The barrels would no longer be in the traditional 1-2-3 order and would now be changing each round.

This time around the order was 2-3-1-3.


This introduced an awesome variation of speed and precision driving and required consistency in driver skills to hook up each barrel!

Both Kraigy and Philip quickly got their heads around the new layout and were having an awesome time! Maybe a little too much fun….


Practice was soon over and after a short break we went into qualifying.

This consisted of 4 flat out runs with a stipulation of 2 runs on both sides of the track.

The qualifying times were tight between the top 8 and Kraigy put his car into 8th.



Philip meanwhile stunned himself and rocketed himself into the top spot, 1st Place, in qualifying which was greatly applauded by his fellow competitors.

Being on the top spot gave Philip an automatic spot in the Top 8


Moving onto the finale, the Battles, Philip sat and watched on waiting for the field to drop to the top 8.

Kraigy was up against a Turbo MX5 of Gavin Anthony Riddle.

Kraigy absolutely flew through the first run creating a healthy gap going into run 2.

Run 2 was a tighter race and Gavin just edged over the line however with the first run being more dominant, Kraigy saw himself through to fight for a place in the top 8!

So who would Kraigy face next….?

Yep as luck would have it, Philip!

We lined up on the start line with a healthy want to fight hard against each other. It was right at the start of the race but Philip was on another page this time out and had a good lead on both heats against Kraigy. This saw Kraigy out with a Top 8 finish and Philip through to fight for a podium.


Philip lined up in his top 4 battle against Mark Young in his JAPSMotorsport 200sx s13.

They both got off to a good start but Mark was on fire and took the win in both runs.

A podium was still possible.

The 3rd and 4th place battle saw Philip up against Mike Newland, also part of JAPSMotorsport in his 200sx s13.

The first run was tight but Mike took the win, Philip knew he had to push hard on the 2nd run but pushed a bit to hard coming up to the 3rd barrel and over shot. He knew it was over so started to put on a bit of a smoke show around the last barrel continuing to Manji towards to start.

1st Ryan Milton

2nd Mark Young

3rd Mike Newland

Thank you to our sponsors for getting some awesome shots

Delta Pixels

CRT Motorsport photography

Gallery coming soon.

Formula G TV Series on

The first of the 7 part TV series by CTRL premiers on this Thursday 3rd May at 7.15pm, make sure you set your reminders now

Episode one, introduces Formula G, our competitors and whats to come in 2018 also interview with our very own Kraigy and Philip.

In the UK, is available on Sky 447, Virgin Media channel 545 and Freesat 253.

You can watch the Pilot show in the link below!

Rockingham Double Header

The weekend saw a change of venues to Rockingham Motor Speedway. With a smoother track surface I was expecting some fast times.

Practice was underway and the car was going well.


Qualifying went well and I put in 4 good runs which landed me in 7th


The top 16 battles put me up against Matt Cant in his mk2 supercharged mx5, I took the win and progressed to top 8

Next battle I was against 14 year old Ben Dryburgh in his awesome 650bhp 2jz Honda S2000 it was a close battle but I just got it.

The top 4 battle I was against Adam Elder in his Nissan 200sx  s14, unfortunately I messed up round the first barrel and this was the end of the road for me but I was happy to take 4th.


The day for us was not over and we had a nice camping experience with a delicious BBQ followed by 3 hours of football in the rain.

We woke up to a wet morning and round 4 of Formula G .

During July there was a competition to design a track for this round of Formula G and I won the competition.

I was sharing my car with fellow Nankang sponsored driver KraigyJ for the day.

Practice was underway and all was going well.

Unfortunately for Kraigy he was not use to my car, though its still a mx5 the difference between turbo and supercharged, depowered and power steering and hydro setup was enough.

Qualifying went well for me and I qualified 3rd.

Kraigy  was still having a bit of a hard time, with more seat time he could have got more comfortable with the car.

Kraigy qualified 7th and was up against Gavin Riddell who recently changed cars to a mx5.

Kraigy spun the car on one of the battles and 360 to correct but this was deemed as going the wrong way and he was red flagged.

My first battle put me against fellow friend and mx5 driver Ryan Milton who was also using a different car for the weekend.

He just got me in the first battle but I got him in the second. I got the best time overall so I proceeded to top 8.

My top 8 battle I was against 4 time gymkhana grid champion Luke Woodham. It was a tight battle with Luke taking the first win but I pulled it back on the second. Unfortunately it was not good enough.

I was still happy to take a top 8 finish to what was a great weekend.

Pictures courtesy of Delta Pixels,Kevin Davis Photography and D-Media Photos.

Formula G Round 3 Santa Pod

Another great weekend at Round 3 of Fueltopia Formula G sponsored by Nankang tyres hosted at Santapod raceway in Wellingborough on the 14th May 2017.

It was a lovely day the sun was out but we was due rain later in the day.

Practice session was underway and the car had a few problems. The hydraulic handbrake was not working very well and the rear tyres were catching on the rear arches due to the new wider wheels. The arches was soon sorted with a large hammer and the rear brake pads were glazed over because I accidentally towed the car half way home with the handbrake on. With the pads removed I lightly cleaned them up with a file and we was back in business.

Qualifying went well with a best time of 36.007 which qualified me in 4th place.

The top 16 battles put me up against newcomer Sam Heard in his 200sx but the MX5 was on point and I took the win in both lanes.

The top 8 battles put me up against Mantas Sliogeris in his Honda S2000 which was a very close battle. I took the win in the first battle and Mantas took the win in the second battle which put it down to time. I just nipped it and it was a very close battle.


The top 4 battles put me up against 3 times Gymkhana Grid winner Luke Woodham. I was doomed but you never know he could make a mistake. He didn’t make a mistake and beat me on both runs.

As I came back round to the pits my fellow MX5 racer Ryan Milton was having car problems. His drive shaft had broken which put him out of the competition.

I took a automatic 3rd place which I was delighted with but was also sad for Ryan Milton.

Thank you to sponsors Nankang Tyres, EMP Performance and Opie Oils.


Exciting New Partnership for MDUK

Exciting new partnership announcement for Monkey Drift UK

We are thrilled to announce we are now in partnership with Nankang Tyres UK and will be using there NS2R tyres for the remainder of the season. We have been very impressed with the NS2R tyres, they offer super grip dry or wet, also last a  long for a semi slick track tyre and all this at a great price.

Nankang Tyres UK offer a range of tyres that meet every need, from ultra high performance including road, race and track days, through commuting and shopping to commercial and off-roading in the toughest environments. These are tyres for every season or condition, that come in the most comprehensive size range and not only add to your driving pleasure but above all represent exceptional value for Money.

Formula G Round 2 Santa Pod

Great weekend at Round 2 of Fueltopia Formula G championship sponsored by Nankang tyres hosted at Santapod Raceway on the 19th March 2017.


It was a cold and windy day but the sun was out and it was a huge improvement to the following race event.


Practice was going well and the car was performing good. The track layout was a lot easier to manage this time with some longer straights that would benefit the higher horsepower cars but that wouldn’t stop the mighty mx5.




Qualifying went well with a best time of 38.316 which qualified me in 6th place.


The top 16 battles put me up against Ben Dryburgh a newcomer to the sport. I advanced to the top 8 battles with wins in both lanes


The top 8 battle put me up against friend Ryan Milton I knew this was going to be tuff.

Both cars mx5’s running similar power so it was down to drivers, I won my first battle in my preferred lane but lost in the second battle so it came down to time.


Ryan Milton 116                                                     75.022 Winner

Philip Staniford 183                                                 75.411 Loser


My day was over but a 5th place finish is nothing to grumble about.

Currently sitting in 5th place in the driver championship.


Thanks to sponsors EMP Performance and Opie Oils.