Driver Profiles

Philip Staniford #183


CAR –  MK1 Mazda MX5 (UK) 90′ 1.6 Turbo.

AGE – 34

LOCATION – Borehamwood, Herts.

D.O.B. – 25th August 1983

HOBBIES – Music, Film, gaming and roller skating.

SPONSORS – Nankang Tyres, EMP Performance, Delta Pixels, ECU Master, Gasoline Wraps, Opie Oils, EBC Brakes, Phenom Network


My name is Philip Staniford. I am a 34 year old, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England. Racing is my life, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a professional race car driver has always been my dream. The passion, determination and persistence that I have for racing will help me to achieve those dreams. I have been racing since I could drive, but have been surrounded by racing for my entire life watching my dad race as well. Ive taken part in circuit racing, drag racing and also drifting. When I found out about the Fueltopia race series it instantly appealed to me by combining all three. The 2017 season was my first in this series, I came away with a 3rd place finish in my first Formula G and FBS event. This inspired me to push on, even though I was against the odds with a underpowered car and working on a budget. I impressed the organisers so much that I got invited to a huge show put on in Coventry (Covmoto fest) 150,000 spectators. I finished the season with 5 podium finishes and finshed 4th overall in both championships. Fans gravitate to drivers who are genuine, humble, relatable and kind. It has been said, I possess all of these qualities. A driver who takes the time to show their fans their appreciation is valuable to a sponsor.  I appreciate my fans and strive to be a positive role model for them.


Kraigy J Haughton #22


CAR – MK1 Mazda MX5 (Import) 92′ 1.6 Supercharged.

AGE – 28

LOCATION – Rickmansworth, Herts.

D.O.B. – 29th August 1989

HOBBIES – Family time with his Wife & Son, DJing & of course, Racing! .

SPONSORS – Nankang Tyres, Skuzzle Motorsport, DaveFab, Ruislip Tyres Services, CRT Motorsport Photography, ADS Car Care

My name is Kraig Haughton (Kraigy). I am 28 from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. I am a big family man and within that, Cars and Motorsport have always been a part of my life. In 2009, I was unfortunately victim to a Road Traffic Accident where I was run down by a speeding vehicle sustaining life changing lower limb injuries, namely both broken legs, permanent nerve damage and torn ligaments in my knee. Doctors feared the worst and did not believe I’d be able to walk again. A long road to recovery was started but it was during this time that I focused on proving to the world that you can overcome anything. I did exactly that. I set myself a challenge and buy the most impractical car for a man of my size and stature and after watching my father in law racing in an Autosolo, I went out and bought my MK1 MX5! I started racing in Autosolos, spending a season learning that I’m not the driving god I thought I was. But I quickly picked it up! 2nd season I was collecting Top 3 trophies and making a name for myself. I was then noticed by Skuzzle Motorsport who wanted to work with me to build the car into what it is today! We decided a Supercharger was unique and the best way to go and I took on the physical driving development work for it! Through lots of events, I fed back pros and cons and it is now in production suitable for Motorsport. I became a Formula G competitor 2 years ago. Within my first season, I fell completely in love with the sport. I impressed the organisers so much that I was asked, as the complete new kid, to come and represent the sport at Coventry Motofest with thousands of spectators. I took up the offer immediately and from there, my profile has raised and I have gained incredible sponsors as a result of my passion, commitment and work I put in and out of the paddock. My injuries do set me back and I suffer with pain and discomfort but I remain positive and always push forward. 2017 saw me take my first Win and finish 4th in the Championship overall. I look to continue my success and recovery and inspiring others along the way.